How do real teachers do it?

By Scott Halasz

Like many parents around Ohio, my wife and I have been teachers the last couple weeks as our fourth grader and our kindergartner are participating in distance learning.

My wife, being the organized person she is, created a fantastic daily schedule that included some free time, creative time, chore time, learning time, and even time to chat online with friends.

When I worked from home the first day, I saw the schedule and figured, “We’ve got this.”


How do real teachers do it?

The day began with breakfast and Cosmic Kids yoga on YouTube. Ya know, get them (and me) moving and start the blood flowing. I found out a couple things. First, my body doesn’t twist like a pretzel anymore. Second, I don’t like yoga.

And while I was trying to unwrap my leg from around my neck, my kids had free run of the house. It’s not easy to chase two children scooting on the ground with one leg numb and the other hugging the back of my head.

How do real teachers do it?

While my oldest was on his Chromebook checking in with his class, I thought it would be easy to get the kindergartner to sit at the table on focus on an hour of academics. It turned into 45 minutes of negotiating and 15 minutes of school work.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: OK. It’s time for science.

Him: I want your phone.

Me: There is time for phone later, we need to do some school work.

Him: I’ll do one worksheet if I get your phone.

Me: No, you’ll do all five worksheets.

Him: None.

Me: Four.

Him: One.

Me: Three.

Him: Two but you have to help me.

Me: OK, we will start with two and see what happens.

So as I’m going over the directions, he managed to abscond with said phone and began to watch Power Rangers.

How do real teachers do it?

Next was creative time which can include cooking, so we made pancakes to have for lunch. Ya know, two birds.

But then the fun started. It was time to do chores.

We just asked for 30 minutes of their time to clean their rooms, put away some laundry and maybe tackle a few dishes. You would have thought we asked them to walk behind the elephant or horse in a parade with a shovel.

So as I’m putting away their laundry …..

How do real teachers do it?

Later, the fourth grader was on a virtual lesson with his teacher and classmates and the youngest had his final hour of academics.

Just a few math worksheets and some reading.

See the above negotiations to get an idea of how that transpired. When he actually did the work, he did quite well. Quality over quantity I guess.

But geez, I asked him to redo one question and it was like asking him to clean the chimney with a toothbrush.

How do real teachers do it?

Fortunately it was quickly time for the 2 p.m. coronavirus press conference, known as (several bottles of) Wine with DeWine. A much-needed break for me.

The rest of the day went swimmingly. Free time, movement time and then chill time before dinner.

I was pooped.

How do real teachers do it?

By Scott Halasz

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.