Jim Voskuhl retires from Greene County Juvenile Court

By Darryl McGee - [email protected]

GREENE COUNTY —After many years of service to the Greene County Juvenile Court, Juvenile Detention Center Director James “Jim” Voskuhl is moving on.

“For me, all 31 years of my service have been in the detention center,” he said. “That is plenty. I need a new challenge.”

That challenge began Jan. 15 when his retirement was effective.

Voskuhl began as a detention counselor on Nov. 1, 1989. In July 1994, he became detention supervisor. Six years later he became deputy superintendent and then in November 2011, Voskuhl was named detention director.

During the entire length of his employment with GCJC, Voskuhl had many successful moments. In October 2006, he led the effort for GCJDC to receive accreditation with the American Correctional Association. In every year since 2000, Voskuhl has been at the forefront of GCJDC receiving accreditation from the Department of Youth Services.

Voskuhl is a member of the Ohio Juvenile Detention Directors Association. In 2019, he was part of DYS’ Juvenile Alternatives Initiative Program.

“I am going to miss the people I work with and interacting with the kids that are detained there,” Voskuhl said. “We have had some really challenging kids come through the facility. Seeing the team work together to get through and improve the challenging kids is something that I will remember. When you work in a detention center, you do not always see the fruits of your labor. Later in life, you will see someone out in public. That person will remember you.”

Voskuhl recalled a story of once seeing a male at a restaurant in Xenia. Ten years prior to the meeting, the individual had been detained at GCJDC. The man’s life changed for the better after that detention. He is working multiple jobs, according to Voskuhl, who added that the man expressed thanks for what Voskuhl had done for him.

“Establishing an atmosphere where kids are respected is one of the things I am proud of. Just because kids are detained there, that does not make them bad people. They are kids first. We see them as people,” Voskuhl said.

As far as post-retirement plans go, Voskuhl is prepared.

“I am in a master’s program for higher education. My other plans are to play with my grandbabies,” Voskuhl said.

According to the resolution that The Greene County Board of Commissioners passed, family is important to Voskuhl. The resolution adds that Voskuhl has been a great influence on the youth of Greene County and on the staff of the detention center.


By Darryl McGee

[email protected]

Reach Darryl McGee at 937-502-4534

Reach Darryl McGee at 937-502-4534