AAA to combine offices: Rezoning before council

By Danielle Coots - For the News-Current

BEAVERCREEK – AAA Allied Group applied for rezoning for the 2.6 acres on the corner of North Fairfield and Dayton-Xenia Road during a recent city council meeting.

The measure will move forward to further readings although four pages of Beavercreek resident signatures in opposition of the rezoning were presented.

“When I think of AAA, I think of a small-town, home-town feel,” Council member, Melissa Litteral said. “For me, having AAA on this property goes along with our downtown theme.”

AAA currently operates two facilities in Beavercreek, one on Kemp and Grange Hall Roads and the other on North Fairfield Road. The company decided to combine the facilities and offer a more “under one roof” type of service to their customers.

The new building will be approximately 9,900 square feet and offer AAA Travel, Insurance and Auto Repairs and Tire services. The construction will be completed by Mills Development. The old Wood’s Barbeque Restaurant will be torn down and replaced with a structure that mirrors the design of the adjacent shopping center.

“I believe it fits in well with our revitalization plan. This parcel has sat vacant for some time and there have been many owners back and forth and it just seems like nothing has clicked. Now, having that whole corner redeveloped into a more modern and timely business structure, I think it’ll be great. I’m happy with it,” said Beavercreek Council Member Debborah Wallace.

Although many of the council members agree AAA would be a great concept for their revitalization plan for the city, others do not.

Mayor Jarvis, Vicki Giambrone and Jerry Petrak share concerns regarding overnight parking and the esthetics for the property that is considered to a major intersection of the city. Other concerns were that of excessive noise due to tire shop wrenches, increased lighting and barrier issues for the neighboring residents.

“I agree with the Mayor. I’m concerned with the appearance since it’ll be located on the city’s main street. I don’t want it to be there just because we feel like we have to fill a spot,” Giambrone said.

After discussion with council members, the board agreed to restrict overnight parking at this location, discuss issues with lighting and planting trees on the 50 ft. barrier when the site plans are more developed to be presented to city council.

“Someone that signed the petition in opposition of the rezoning made a valid point. He said, ‘wasn’t there an old tire shop at that intersection about 40 years ago? It seems like we’re taking a step back instead of forward with the development of Beavercreek.’ I’d have to agree,” Beavercreek resident Leslie Foresight read from a statement written by her father.

After a majority vote, city council passed the first reading of AAA’s request for rezoning. It will now move to the second and third reading. Public comments will be welcome during the next readings during upcoming city council meetings. The next meeting is scheduled 6 p.m. Aug. 17.

By Danielle Coots

For the News-Current