This is the first of a continuing series of articles by the Beavercreek Historical Society covering bits of news from “two generations ago,” or for our purposes, 50 years. The purpose is to explore how even relatively recent events can affect life in Beavercreek today. As is said, “Today is tomorrow’s history.”

Nationally, in July 1967 the country was in the throes of the Vietnam War, with its attendant protests here at home. That is a history in itself, and affected everyone (your writer included). I talked with Beavercreek’s Tom Toy, a Township Trustee, who I believe was even involved in the horrific activity of returning flag-draped coffins.

On the home front, Beavercreek was five years into what would eventually be an eighteen-year incorporation battle in response to Fairborn’s intent to annex land. Petitions by Apple Valley and Woodhaven residents to incorporate as “Valleywood” as a defensive measure were just determined invalid by the court. Lots more to come on the incorporation history, and how it affected our City today.

Greene County Regional Airport received final state approval for construction. We don’t often hear much about that airport; it probably has a very interesting history with so much concern for aviation in the Beavercreek area. I’ll have to look into that.

For grocery shoppers, Lofinos Grocery advertised Maxwell House coffee for 59¢ a pound (a real 16-ounce pound can). And for Fourth of July picnics, hamburger (not “ground beef”) at 49¢ a pound and watermelons at 69¢ each (the whole melon).

And speaking of the Fourth, the brand new Beavercreek Chamber of Commerce hosted its first holiday celebration at Frank Zink Field with the above-mentioned Tom Toy as grand marshal.

It’s interesting to see these iconic Beavercreek names again that many of us remember; Beavercreek’s history includes many dedicated men and women who contributed heavily to what the city is today.

By David Shumway

David A. Shumway is part of The Beavercreek Historical Society and a guest columnist.