Offsite apartments open for CSU students, faculty, staff
Offsite apartments open for CSU students, faculty, staff
Offsite apartments open for CSU students, faculty, staff

WILBERFORCE — Geared toward non-traditional, older students, faculty, and staff, Central State University’s latest housing units — Shorter Avenue Apartments — opened for occupants in September after five years of development and construction that cost $8.1 million to complete.

Located on the outer edge of Central State’s campus, each of the 24 three-bedroom apartments is housed in two pairs of tenement buildings that altogether encompass a space of 26,900 square feet.

Of the fully furnished 24 units, 10 remain available for university staff and local business professionals in addition to students who may have family of their own with whom they live. The apartments are also ideal for students who might be looking for a quieter, calmer living environment contrasting that of the typical, youth-driven college dormitory experience.

Each three-bedroom unit is rented to non-students at $1,250 per month, with Wi-Fi and utilities included. Prices for Central State students vary according to their individual financial package. Each apartment is equipped with a full kitchen (refrigerator, stove/oven, etc.), living room, restroom with shower, and washer/dryer capabilities.

Individual bedrooms are available for rent for those who want to cohabitate with others who can share the full lease. While space is available, whole apartment units can also be rented out at $100 per night, “hotel-style,” for those traveling through the area requiring brief living accommodations.

“It’s really more for those students who are looking for a true apartment-style feeling,” said Justyn Fry, director of University Housing and Residence Life. “We understand that finding housing within the market is a challenge. So, we want to reach those students who are looking for that. We’re also tapping into those students with families, as we’re seeing more of that at Central State.”

Fry added that the external proximity of the buildings is continually being developed to create a true community feel for tenants. Possible future additions include a grilling area, a dog park, a swing set for kids, and a volleyball court.

“We really want to establish that community atmosphere including, we hope, eventually a park for children living there,” Fry said. “These apartments are necessary when we think about today’s students and today’s populations that we really haven’t had a chance to tap into as much yet at Central State. We want to make sure that the University is meeting the needs of all students. Apartment-style housing options is really where it’s at: making it more convenient to the students and providing them with the amenities that they need and deserve.”

These needs, Fry said, include those students who are looking for more privatization and independence from traditional residential halls and dormitories.

“This can help a lot of students grow as they prepare themselves for a more independent life to come after college,” Fry said. “We’ve received nothing but rave reviews from the students and staff currently living there and look forward to continued developments to come.”

If you are interested in touring an apartment, call the Central State University office of Administration & Finance at 937-376-6201.