Photos by Karen Rase | Greene County News

Beavercreek Mayor Bob Stone was joined by Wright-Patterson’s Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol, VFW Post #8312, the Spirit of Freedom band, and Col. Sean Brazel, 88th Mission Support Group Commander in celebrating Veteran’s Day at the Veteran’s Memorial in Beavercreek.

Karen Rase | Greene County News

Veteran Memorial Park, 1911 N. Fairfield Road, was packed Saturday afternoon as families, organizations, and veterans as well as active duty om every branch of the service gathered to honor those who have served, those deployed overseas, and those stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Hundreds gathered to observe Veteran’s Day at Veteran Memorial Park in Beavercreek.

BEAVERCREEK — Hundreds gathered last Saturday at Veteran Memorial Park to honor veterans and those who are still serving.

Mayor Bob Stone greeted fellow veterans from every branch of service and welcomed special guest speaker Col. Sean Brazel, 88th Mission Support Group Commander.

“When the Colonel and I circulated through the crowd earlier, we heard over and over again what people think of when describing a veteran — sacrifice and service,” said Stone. “The lessons learned while in uniform serving our country, serving in other countries, serving the needs of their mission, and serving their fellow comrades. Those lessons do not end when the uniform is retired.”

Stone thanked the many who had volunteered their time through song, music, and speech. Sheila Slone, from Be Hope Church gave the Invocation, Lt. Emma Martin, led the Pledge of Allegiance, VFW Post 8312 provided Raising of the Flags and the Rifle Salute, WPAFB’s Civil Air Patrol for Posting of the Colors, and the Band of Flight’s “Spirit of Freedom”for their performance of several Armed Forces medleys as well as Taps.

There were also members of the state and county Hall of Fame veteran inductees who were on hand to greet veterans who attended from throughout Greene County.

“This community, more than most, understands the daily sacrifices our service members and their families make for the safety and security of this great nation — God bless our vets,” stated Greene County Commissioner Rick Perales.

A group of foreign military officers who attended the ceremony, were impressed with the show of patriotism exhibited.

“This celebration and ceremony reminds me of those held on Armistice Day (or Remembrance Day, also held Nov. 11)),” said Wing Commander Chris Meddens, Air Force Security Assistance Command. Meddens, who is stationed at Wright-Patterson with the Royal Australian Air Force, said he has enjoyed his tour of duty thus far, especially sites like the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.

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